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Fannie Mae Conventional Matrix April 1, 2019 The Money Source Inc. nmls #6289 3 ineligible existing loans Existing DU Refi or DU Refi Plus loans. Loans subject to outstanding repurchase demands Loans subject to recourse, repurchasing agreement, indemnifications or credit enhancements. Mortgage Insurance Requirement

LHFS HIGH LTV PURCHASE MATRIX – 6/27/2019. PAGE 1 OF 3. HIGH LTV PURCHASE. FNMA Standard 97%. FHLMC Home Possible. Standard FHA.

ELIGIBILITY MATRIX. The Eligibility Matrix provides the comprehensive loan-to-value (LTV) ratios, combined LTV ratios (CLTV), and home equity CLTV ratios (HCLTV) and minimum credit scores (if applicable) for conventional first mortgages eligible for delivery to Fannie Mae. The Selling Guide describes how these ratios are to be calculated,

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fees went up across a number of FICO/LTV buckets for both HARP and non-HARP borrowers. Subsequently, Fannie Mae increased their LLPAs for non-HARP borrowers and brought it in line with Freddie, while.

My answer to that is plain & simple: that your head of Capital Markets should ask their Fannie Mae rep about it. lock extensions or re-locks are not eligible. The maximum LTV/CLTV is now 150%..

First Mortgage Program Matrix . April 2019 Page . 1. of . 3. Fannie Mae No MI Fannie Mae Reduced MI FHA RHS VA . First-time homebuyer required Not required, or Required if originated with DPA Grant, Plus Second Mortgage, or MCC. 1,2 Not required, or Required if originated with DPA Grant, Plus Second Mortgage, or MCC. 1,2 1,2.

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The Eligibility Matrix provides the comprehensive LTV, CLTV, and hcltv ratio. standard eligibility requirements – Manual Underwriting.

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Foreclosure, Bankruptcy or Short Sale in Your Past? You May Qualify For FHA, VA, Fannie Mae, or Freddie Mac Mortgages. Bankruptcy, short sale, foreclosure, or deed-in-lieu-of-foreclosure do not.

This matrix is an outline of our requirements. See the Client Guide for complete details. Business Lending Page 1 of 12 Published 2-19-18. FANNIE MAE CONDO-PUD MATRIX The Client Guide contains complete condo and PUD eligibility.

This matrix is intended as an aid to help determine whether a property/loan qualifies for certain Fannie Mae offered programs. It is not intended as a replacement for Fannie Mae guidelines. Users are expected to know and comply with Fannie Mae’s requirements.

what is conforming loan High Balance Conforming Loan The Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) publishes annual conforming loan limits that apply to all conventional mortgages delivered to Fannie Mae, including general loan limits and the high-cost area loan limits. High-cost area loan limits vary by geographic location.